Best Kept Food Secrets Of Oahu!

I have lived on Oahu for almost two years now and have yet to find places to eat-out that trump the restaurants that I list below. These places are not all your authentic Hawaiian cuisine, but they are all guaranteed to have a long-lasting impression on both your taste buds and your experience here in the islands.

Casablanca Restaurant, Kailua: It’s not your traditional restaurant, but if you’re looking for savory food that spices up your life with a one-of-a-kind ambience, then Casablanca is the restaurant for you. This Moroccan restaurant is family style, where all dishes are eaten with your hands! (Silverware is provided upon request). They have a wide selection of delectable, good portioned appetizers and entrees, but the absolute best is their rack of lamb with a honey and fig sauce. If you’re a meat lover, this lamb is to die for! They also have a wide selection for you vegetarians. It’s a perfect atmosphere for a romantic dinner date where you dine on plush couches surrounded by Moroccan pillows and draperies. This restaurant is not only great for the food but for the experience. The waitress comes out and pours orange blossom scented water on your hands from a long stemmed Moroccan vase. You definitely feel like you’re on vacation in this secret spot nestled in the heart of Kailua. Don’t miss out!

Cafe Maharani, Honolulu: Don’t let the exterior fool you, this restaurant is often passed by without a second glance. But when you step inside you are overwhelmed with the aroma of Indian spice and curry. This quaint restaurant fits only 12 tables, so you may have to wait a while when you first arrive, but it’s definitely worth it! I always start off my meals there with a mango or rose yogurt drink (a sweet and creamy beverage that cleanses your pallet before you dive into authentic Indian cuisine). I usually order blindly off the menu and am always pleasantly surprised with the result. The staff is extremely friendly and always gives great recommendations from a plethora of tandoori and curry dishes where you choose your protein all accompanied by freshly baked naan.  Don’t worry about getting your money’s worth at this whole in the wall, I always have to roll myself out of this place with two doggy bags that will last me the rest of the week!

KCC Farmer’s Market: This isn’t a restaurant, but if you’re looking for a variety of various foods from all walks of life then check out the KCC Farmer’s Market held every Saturday morning. Located directly across from the entrance to Diamond Head Trail, this farmers market brings local farmers and restauranteurs from all over the island to share what they do best: provide the freshest local ingredients and foods. I’d recommend getting there when the market first opens up, but if you can’t get up early, don’t arrive any later than 8AM because traffic can get horrendous! From kalua chicken plate lunch, to bbq abalone, fresh ginger spritzers, sweet corn on the cob, lilikoi cheesecake mochi, and fresh cut hawaiian ginger flowers. This weekly event provides locals and visitors with a unique local experience that is special to Honolulu.

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Social Media Helps Diagnose Reporter?

For many, the Grammy’s was a never-ending night of surprise and spectacular performances; but for one unsuspected reporter, a night full of fun and excitement turned into a life-altering experience while on the job.  Serene Branson was set to do a live report right outside of where the Grammy’s were taking place. The live report was going well until five seconds into the report Branson began slurring her words; appearing as if she forgot how to speak.

Following the incident, at-home-viewers began emailing, calling, and discussing the incident via social media networks. By the next morning, the video of Branson’s Grammy mishap went viral creating a wave of concern for the seasoned reporter. Many of the comments on facebook were stating that Branson looked as if she had suffered a stroke while on the job and should seek immediate help. Branson ended up driving herself home that same night which worried many people.

The point I’m trying to make is that all of the comments from concerned viewers prompted Branson to get tested for further medical conditions. The help of live video along with social media’s quick communication helped inform not only Branson, but the rest of the world that her Grammy “slip-up” could be something much worse than what she originally thought.  If social media wasn’t around to discuss the severity of the situation, Branson could have gone straight back to work without having been checked out by a doctor. She was already on her way to forgetting what she thought was just an “embarrassing moment” by driving herself home that evening. Thankfully, Branson’s tests came back negative but in the case that it was something, social media could have been the key to diagnosing something that could have been life threatening.


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Social Media Revolutions

Following the recent resignation of Egypt’s President, there have been mass discussions of the role that social media played in the series of protests and events that ended Mubarak’s 30 years of leadership.

It was argued in class that social media’s influence in reporting the news has become pivotal in today’s news market that it could possibly take over the role of a journalist. I agree to some extent that our media coverage has drastically changed in the last year with the help of twitter and facebook; however, I don’t feel these social media sites are fair and balanced in their reports in order to be ethical and responsible for replacing a journalist.

Instead, I feel with the recent revolution of social networking, it is important for journalists to always be knowledgeable and connected with all of these sites. Many times journalists receive tips and updates about breaking news with the help of active-citizens tweeting the most recent information. Our technology today has become so fast that it enables average citizens to transmit information faster than it takes a reporter to arrive on scene. In this scenario, it is the responsibility of the journalist to be connected to the social media groups that are providing the information in order to collect all the materials needed in order to report fair and accurate.

Below is a report from CBS on the role that social media played in Egypt’s protest prior to their freedom. Kind of interesting…

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My Personal Brand

As social media continues to expand, the news industry has developed new ways to deliver information to the masses.

I have been pursuing my career in media since I was a freshman at The University of Colorado at Boulder and have not been able to get the news bug out of my system since. I am currently an associate producer and part-time reporter for KITV4 News where social media plays a big role in my everyday routine. In my web story provided below, there are links social media links provided at the top in order to enable the reader to share my story on their own personal social media sites…

Illegal Aerial Firework Causes Car Port Fire

In five years I aspire to be a news correspondent for a national network. In order to accomplish this, I have been working on my personal branding by writing, editing, reporting, and utilizing my web knowledge to compile an online brand that is available for anyone who researches me online. It is imperative for people in the news industry to be up-to-date with social networking sites because it plays a major role in developing your personal brand. Below is what I’ve recently completed in order to better advertise my personal branding…

A personal brand that I admirer is Mayleen Ramey. Ramey is a television host who utilized social media sites, apps, and even her own web page to advertise her brand as a television host . The compelation of work she has done is so beautifully displayed in the website below and I hope to one day come to the same level as she has.

Mayleen Ramey’s Personal Branding

Media continues to evolve on a daily basis. It is heading towards an era where there will be no delay in receiving information. Although I admirer Ramey’s personal branding now, five years from now it will probably be outdated. We are moving towards a generation where people will want to view your work as it is happening. If Ramey is out on a story covering something live, it will be more effective in her branding to live stream it to her website rather than have clips of what she has done in the past. This concept of live streaming would be ideal for my personal brand in the near future. By providing the world with information as it unravels before your eyes puts you one step ahead of everybody else. I believe media is a rat race. It’s all about who can get the most valuable and accurate information in the fastest amount of time. If I am able to portray this concept in my personal branding I feel I would have succeeded in the goal I set for myself in this blog.

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Communication Movement

In the last decade, communication has drastically changed thanks to the development of smart phone technology. Whether it’s talking on the phone, email, text, apps, videos, or skyping, the cell phone has altered the way society communicates with one another.
 The cell phone has enabled me to receive news faster and keep up to the minute on the lives of my friends and family all at the click of a button. Majority of my communication is completed through the use of cell phone technology because it is quick, convenient, and also required in the news industry I work in.
My job as a producer and part time reporter requires me to feed back news and information as it unfolds before my eyes. Smart phone technology plays a major role in communicating with the newsroom as well as keeping connected while I’m out in the field.
In my personal life however, I feel that nothing beats face to face communication. When it comes to relationships with my friends and family I prefer to communicate and interact in person. Sometimes I shut off my phone when spending time with friends because it relieves me from the hectic pace of always feeling the need to be connected. It can be draining and many times stresses me out. It is important for me to have a healthy balance of both face to face and tech savvy communication in my life. This balance keeps me up to speed with the world while maintaining relationships that are important to me.
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